The truck is serious about going places, and the food is serious about flavour. Put these two passions together and you’ve got what the Vagabonds are all about - delicious food with influences taken from different cultures and cuisines around the world. Now, from the cosy confines of a humble food truck, the tastes of the world flow daily. 

Serving top notch street food, the Vagabonds' mantra is 'fun, fast, and friggin delish’. Based in Christchurch, the food truck menu – and location – changes daily. The truck is also ready to hit the road day or night to bring a bespoke menu to any and all special events

The Vagabonds choose sustainable, ethical suppliers and – to ensure consistency – the truck features a magical arena of tech-totty: a thermal regulator, chargrill, steamers, shark-skin graters and blades so sharp even an onion would cry. 

But perhaps best of all is the Vagabond experience. From food festivals to weddings, to your brother-in-laws barbie, the truck brings it’s attitude, and the staff love sharing a yarn or two every now and then aso. Be it sun up across the bench or sun down round the hobs (with a marshmallow-or-two) you won’t be short of a laugh and some great food to transport you.