Steamed, pickled, torched and tossed, big flavours skewer every Vagabond feast. Our kitchen features a varied daily menu of global proportions, offering a refreshing checkpoint for weary punters and take-home options to keep you on track. And if you’re looking to mark a special occasion we’ll roll up to your place with a menu to suit any taste, plus a laugh on the side.


Pop-up food truck

The Vagabond Chefs meander in and around Christchurch on any given day - it's worth hunting us out if you want to pin us down. From brunch to lunch to late-night munch, high-riser or hell-raiser we’ve got you covered. Find out where we’re located today via our Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Sample menu


Event Catering

The Vagabond Chefs are all about good times – so special occasions are right up our street. With us on the hobs you can guarantee top notch vibes and top notch dishes. We'll bring the talking point, you bring the guests. Give us a buzz to start designing your menu.

Sample menu


Dinner parties

Intimate celebrations become resounding occasions with The Vagabond Chefs in your kitchen. Diner, student or co-cook, you're invited to either relax or join in the action as we take you through a series of tasters, demos and cooking experiences as the moment suits. Let us rustle up your night.

Sample menu


Dinner at your place

Be a rogue and sneak a Vagabond dish into the house with one of our take-home dinner parcels. We've got everything you need for when your day has gone off the rails: BBQ-ready meats, crispy greens, pickles, sauces, dressings and seasonings.


The Vagabond Chefs are the perfect pair of best men in the kitchen. From canapés to cakes and everything in-between, we'll unveil a full evening of unforgettable moments - happy ever after guaranteed. Get in touch to discuss your dream menu.